The War or Quantity and Quality of Instagram Followers

Posted by Mian Muhammad Haseeb Riaz on January 28, 2017  /   Posted in buy instagram followers

Marketing and business are taking different turns in this age of technology. People are carrying multiple devices which keep them informed and connected. People are selling their brands and promoting their blogs via social media as well by using social media marketing strategies. Maximum of the population uses social media and if an account is really popular making money is not a distant dream for the owner. Same is the case with the Instagram users who are getting new followers and getting popular day by day. But to gain real fame, bloggers and brand owners have to wait for a long time until their pages get sufficient followers to make them top of the list. For this purpose, people have opted a way of paying to get followers on the Instagram. Yes, you can buy real active Instagram followers.

Where to buy Instagram followers?

There are many online services which claim to provide you with maximum Instagram followers in a few pennies. Some claim to provide you, 10,000 followers, immediately and they need you to fill out the form and to verify your account and emails or may be the password as well. Other does not bother about your personal information they take the money and add followers to your account. This is a fraud business no doubt, but it is getting popular nowadays because people are getting crazy over so called fame and money.

Why do people need to buy followers?

Mostly newbies try to put their hands on these fake means because for a new blog or for a new fashion brand it takes a long time to reach maximum people via social media accounts. And yes, users judge a brand or a blog by the number of followers its particular account has got and if an account is just a few days old and it has got hardly 50 or 70 followers people never bother to push the follow button because if nobody likes to follow a particular brand why should they? And if an account has already got sufficient followers, it will attract the visitors and it will increase the traffic per day thus the customers. Having maximum followers on the Instagram not only helps the owners make money but also makes that account one of the official recommendations of the Instagram.

The war or quantity and quality

Most of the people think that having 25k or 30k followers do the whole work. But they are definitely mistaken because the only thing which matters is that how many people attend to your updates on the daily basis. What is the use of having 25,000 followers when none of them is interested in your updates? And this thing makes you exposed. And once you are accused of paying to buy real Instagram followers, your brands’ or your blog’s reputation is gone. So if you are a newbie and want to gain Instagram followers by paying for it, think twice before you open your vault.

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