Why should you not buy Instagram Followers?

Posted by Mian Muhammad Haseeb Riaz on January 20, 2017  /   Posted in buy instagram followers

Buying followers for your social media accounts and websites is becoming a common trend in the world. People look out for easy and cheap ways to increase their follower-ship for making money or simply wanting their accounts to become popular. But what we fail to realize is that having followers in large quantities does not mean that all these followers are active social media users. Grabbing this opportunity many money makers have given rise to a new business in this field. It offers to sell followers to people for enhancing their follower-ship numbers. You must have also encountered such pop up advertisements on the internet like “buy real Instagram followers” or “buy twitter followers” or even for Facebook.

There are a number big and small online vendors who let people buy fake followers to increase their page numbers. All you need to do is search on the internet and a large number of vendors will pop up on your computer screens. Buying and selling followers for various social media website and accounts has become a popular and easy way of making some money. People are looking for fast and easy ways to get ahead of their competitors and are willing to spend large amounts on this type of a service.

Reasons avoid buying fake Instagram followers:

The real question that arises in this scenario is whether having a large number of fake followers in better than having a smaller number of followers that are active ad interactive. Obviously the answer is real ones. But why are the fake followers bad? Let us find out and take the example of Instagram followers:

  • Inability to engage:

Buying Instagram followers mean that you are getting people like your page or account, even if they are not interested in it. It is only a number that you will be purchasing and not a service to actually like your account. There will be large amount of fake accounts as followers as well. Even if the person is real he may not ever actually visit your account or page.

  • It increases spam:

Once you opt for buying Instagram followers, the vendor may ask to access your account and use it for sending out marketing messages. As a consequence your name will be part of the spam list for a number of followers who would eventually want to stay away from your account for good.

  • Bad for repute:

Buying fake Instagram followers is like cheating with others. It is not morally right to fool your audience with fake numbers. If this is exposed to the world that your numbers are owed to fake figures, your reputation will be shattered.

  • Ultimately it will be caught:

Finding out that your follower-ship is fake is now quite easy and simple. There are actually softwares that help people finding out the fake followers from the real. So if you are planning to buy real active Instagram followers make sure you keep in mind all these drawbacks beforehand.

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